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1 . What’s post job ads?


Job posting and online display

A valid employer user can post a limited number of job ads on  The job ads need to be reviewed and approved by webmaster before being set online.  Webmaster will review the job ad within 3 hours after posting during the working hours of normal working days and within 24 hours during holidays and weekends.

User type and job posting

There are two types of users: free user and paid (VIP) user.  A free user can post up to 2 job ads throughout the lifespan of the account whilst a paid user can post a number of job ads determined by the membership purchased.  A paid user also has the 2 free job ads.

Each job ad is displayed online for one month, the job poster can set the job ad offline when the recruitment is completed.

An agency that recruit on behalf of other institutions or send job seekers to work in other institutions can only post job ads after becoming a paid user.

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