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1 . Posting Jobs


Click on “Post Job Ad” to get to the management page for posting new jobs.
Click "Post a Job Now!" to enter a free trial. A free member can only post a maximum of one job ad per day and up to 2 free job ads before upgrading to a paid member. Each free job ad is valid for 30 days.
Paid member can post more job ads, access the 350,000+ resumes in resume database and enjoy other benefits. Each job ad posted by a paid member is valid for one month.
After clicking the “Post a Job Now!” button you will be taken to this page where you can enter your details. Please follow the guidelines provided as posts that do not meet our standards will be removed.

If you wish to post even more job advertisements please click on the membership packages on the below the post job button for more details. Membership packages can start from as little as 800 RMB!

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