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1 . Receiving resumes

To view any resume’s that your company has received, click the “Resumes Received” button.
Here you can view any resumes that have been delivered to you and assess whether or not you are interested in the candidate.

Applicants’ resumes received within the time limit of the job advertisement. Please note when receiving resumes, if the job ad has already expired, you will not be able to see the contact details of the resume.  

Search and download resumes according to your specific requirements. 


Companies can search for resumes according to ‘Job Title’ ‘Date Posted’ and ‘Nationality.’ 


The “Resume Area” includes detailed information from the candidate’s resumes 


Click on “Candidates’ Job Title” to view resumes


Click photo/name of resume to see the applicant’s details


Delete resumes individually by clicking on “Delete” or delete all resumes at once by selecting “All”.

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